Italy coast to coast

Cheese Tasting

Cheese: a way to discover foods of excellent of each Italian region. 

PIzza Experiece

Pizza: the taste of Italy!


A stay in Montecarlo!


''I Sorrisi di Chiavari'' a story of taste!


The Basilica of San Biagio in Montepulciano - a masterpiece of Tuscan Renaissance!


The Cathedral of San Martino in Lucca  - a typical example of Gothic and Romanesque style!

Mozzarella experience - Amalfi Coast

To this day Biagio, on the Amalfi Coast, continues to follow this family's historic cheese-making traditions using the excellent ingredients and artisan methods that come from the beautiful Monti Lattari (the mountains along the Coast). 


Murano glass - we have all certainly heard of Murano glass, but where does it come from? What is its history?


Pompei, between history and archeology

The aperitif

An all-Italian ritual!


Liguria most well known pasta sauce - Fresh basil, parmesan cheese, garlic and pine nuts.

Eolian Islands Sicily

Eolian Islands - The 7 beautiful pearls  are Lipari ( the largest), Salina, Vulcano, Stromboli, Filicudi ( the most ancient) , Alicudi and Panarea - all of volcanic origin.


Florence: the cradle of the Renaissance as well as the eighth wonder of the world is one of the most famous Italian cities across the planet. The reason, needless to say; you just have to walk the streets, observing the majesty of its monuments to remain abducted forever.

Amalfi “sfusato” Lemon

Amalfi “sfusato” Lemon , also known as the Amalfi Coast Lemon is truly a delicious fruit! Its light yellow peel has an average thickness, and is rich in essential oils and terpenes.

Romeo and Juliet
William Shapespeare

Where else, could William Shakespearean have set his tragedy Romeo and Juliet, except in Italy? Here, everything revolves around this indefinable essence called love, that for Italians is more than just a feeling, more than an emotion.

The National Park of the Tuscan island chain

The Italian territory boasts several primates, even in nature. The National Park of the Tuscan island chain, for example, is the biggest marine park in Europe.

The Country of Churches.

It is no doubt that Italy is the country of churches. In the city of Rome alone, for the past seventeen centuries, over nine hundred were erected.

“The essence of style is to express in simplicity something complicated."
Giorgio Armani

The whole world loves Italy and everything that from Italy takes form: natural beauty, art, from the delicious variety of foods, to literature and cinema, not to forget of course, fashion, the flag bearer of ' Italian style in the world. Italian style is the utmost expression of a lifetime profile that cannot be imitated, but only experienced.

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