Villa in Salerno


Amalfi Coast.

Built in the early decades of the eighteenth century, Villa in Salerno is a former noble residence that belonged to the baronial family - Sarno Prignano, built on the remains of the sixteenth-century palace of Ferrante Sanseverino, former Prince of Salerno.

The Villa, enriched by tailored gardens, can host cocktails and buffets, standing on three floors, each of which opens the vision to screenplays and different scenes and ambiance.


Ample space for receptions and meetings.

Its rich and refined salons offer ample space for receptions and meetings, while the two rooms used for the banquet, respond perfectly to logistical needs of each scheduled event all wrapped up in an atmosphere of rare and ancient splendor.

The service, while maintaining the old tradition, offers a high-class cuisine as a result of careful research and a modern recipe of ancient tastes.

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